Tuesday, August 03, 2010


this is a sad sad post. oh so very sad. because...i have to leave this blog...i keep getting random comments in chinese....it's supah annoying...so i'm leaving this blog....booo. hahaha, oh well, i'm not shutting it down, just not updating here anymore...i hope the spam comments aren't linked because i'm still using the same account just a different URL. so here's the new blog: MUNDANE THOUGHTS i might go write the first ever post on it after this. MAYBE. hahaha. peace.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 1

EPIC WIN! We left Tucson around 9am this morning, stopped more times than usual, and got to cali before 5. had dinner at delicious hong kong palace (zomg, seafood was so good) and then left for hotels. me, yixuan, weiwei, and angeline are sharing a room and the lu parents/kids are sharing a room...so today was the first day of their vacation package, and yixuan and i were saying what a waste it would be if we didn't go today! so we ended up going at like 9pm, and took Dshushu to Space Mountain first, wahahahahaha. so much fun! we got to go to all our favorite ones (except for matterhorn...) in just like 3 hrs, with no wait for any of the rides, except for thunder mountain! for pirates, splash mountain, and indiana jones, we just walked right in and sat down! hahaha, although, we dunno if it was cause they were closing or something, all the rides seemed a lot slower than they normally were...weird. anyways, super late. gotta go to bed and GOTTA do summer school hw tmr! @.@

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Month 1

It's ALMOST been a month since i've come home and i'm realizing a few things about myself, as in changes since the beginning of college...haha, some of them are rather shocking...i'm thankful though. also, i got an internship offering today! yay! i've been waiting for it, ptl! but we'll see how everything goes...so a month of being home has been great! i've already gotten paid :D hahaha, also i actually haven't eaten out much, been eating a lotta home made food, which is wonderful...shoot, i really gotta learn to cook like my mom >< i also haven't seen many summer movies yet....hm. anyways, it's been a wonderful month home, i'm thankful for everything. if i get this internship, i won't have to return to michigan 2 weeks early. yipee! i don't have anything to update on, just felt like an update was needed.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Some Things Never Get Old

it has been SO long since i've updated...haha, well being home really just means: eat a lot, work a lot, and watch tv a lot, so there really isn't much updates...anyways, today was so so so freaking ridiculously hot, after having lunch with my parents at Sushi Yukari, we went to watch Shrek Forever After...it was cute! good moral, i like. i don't know if it was the heat or just because i didn't get enough sleep, i was super tired...so i took a nap at like nearly 7...then tracy was over, so 3 of watched Zoolander....STILL hilarious. oh man, and watching it with tracy and yixuan...it really doesn't get any better...haha well, if the other two girls were here, then it would've been complete, but oh well. i've really missed having some good bonding time with the girls, i mean, i can't really say tonight was "bonding time" but it was still really good...haha afterall, Zoolander IS our tradition....ai, so it's definitely time for bed. NEW PHONE ON MONDAY! :D

edit// forgot to post this: SO CUTE!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The [Not Quite] End

last day of class was yesterday!!! today's reading recess...haha but last day of my freshmen yesterday! it was a really good day too! PTL~

in bowling, prof was gonna treat me, aileen, and joe to lunch, but he had a meeting after class so he bought us krispy kreme instead. and then yesterday, suddenly i was doing super good in bowling, so our final which was to beat our average, but since i've been doing so poorly before, i beat my average by 30+, while others beat it by 1 or 2...wahahahaha, then i got back the papers i've been working my butt off for last week, and i'm very satisfied with all the grades i got! yay! praise Jesus! then i went to talk to prof cioffi, who's in charge the congregation & ministry studies internship...whee! if i can get an internship from that, it'd be super awesome! so yesterday, was a good day!

Anyways, i've really gotta study for my finals. because after finals = home home home! 5 more days!!!

Friday: Philosophy Final
Saturday: Religion Final
Monday: Religion Final
Tuesday: English Final


Sunday, May 09, 2010


PHOENIX SUNS ARE IN THE FINALS!!! wow, i'm so glad tnt had a live coverage online, so i got to watch the whole game! i've only been able to watch the highlights for the first three games...so i was sitting alone in my room, shouting at my computer screen! hahaha, it was good tho, sweet sweet victory. :D

anyways, this week was quite horrible in the beginning, then quite awesome towards the end! i got like 4hrs of sleep the first three days - was up writing papers, then like 10hrs of sleep the next 2 days...hahaha i don't know what's wrong with me...but those few days of 8+hrs of sleep made me want to sleep before 12am from now on, but it seems impossible to do...so yesterday, a few of us went to go see Iron Man 2 it was good and i really liked it, but it was definitely not as exciting as the first one...also, not enough shots of cars and not enough action. ok i'm done with my critique...hahaha, it was fun tho~

9 more days till home!!!

today at church, 2 little kids told me happy mother's day and 2 youths - but they did that for haha's since i was teaching them today...and at the end of service the little kids were supposed to give all the moms a carnation, and a little girl gave me one...what the heck? i mean i like the flower, and it's pretty, but really? sigh. i don't get it, i didn't even "dress" old today, because enoch even said i dressed like a little girl today because i put a ribbon in my hair...what the heck...?

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Play Play Week

Last week was supposed to be my death week where i get murdered by all my assignments, rather it became a play play week! and instead of a run down of what i did everyday, i will only write about the highlight of each day...

Monday: WOG pot luck! lasted 5 hrs...only 2 hrs tops of eating, 3 hrs of talking...oh man, girls.
Tuesday: Taiwanese dinner! we had 1 more person than last time, woot.
Wednesday: CRAIG'S CRUISERS! so much fun! and the company was great!
Thursday: hung out with Milly for a little bit at night
Friday: Steak and Shake - last night with Milly :(
Saturday: bday surprise for lixin at midnight with david beckham
Sunday: dinner at bar louie for lixin's birthday

hahaha, it was a really fun week, i think too fun. i should've been more focused on hw...ALSO. yesterday, PHOENIX SUNS kicked DIRTY spurs butt! wahahahaha. ok, gotta write my paper.